Gone are the days of getting a “good job” with minimal effort in your youth and staying there for decades until you retire with “the gold watch package.” If you’re still following that overly optimistic way of thinking, we’ve gotta break it to you; you’re behind on the times, and you need to catch up! Those who don’t get left behind, and we all know how that story ends.

If you want to remain employed, it’s essential to understand today’s competitive, ever-changing market. While staying with the same company for an extended period may have been enough to keep our grandparents “safe”, it’s simply not enough these days. With the increase in certification and training programs, as well as additional opportunities to gain work experience through immersion programs, tenure on the job no longer remains the golden ticket to bypass layoffs.

So, how do you not get defeated in the “Hunger Games of Human Resources”? We’ll tell you.

  1. Expand the skills relevant to your area. Emphasis on YOUR AREA. Don’t try to be a “Jill of all trades.” It’s far better to be an expert at one thing than just okay at many things. There are many flexible opportunities to learn and develop your talents, like courses on LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Groupon, etc.

  2. Keep up with the latest industry trends. Knowing the latest trends can help you focus on the right skills. This means that keeping abreast of all the major news sources for your industry is a must. Research the most credible information sources and organizations, and follow them on social media, subscribe to their email lists, and even tune in to their YouTube channels. Also, joining a professional association can prove very beneficial for networking and sometimes being the first to get the latest scoop on industry updates and opportunities!

  3. Find a mentor in your field. We can all use guidance. Seeking out a qualified mentor, coach, or consultant in your field is a wise investment. They can offer you expert advice based on your personal needs as a growing professional. So, if you’re serious about being the most successful you, you will make this a priority in your budget.

Now that you have some of the major keys to success in securing your position – apply them! Do your best to research and execute the best strategies for your field, like your livelihood depends on it. Because guess what? It kinda does. So, heed this counsel and be blessed because you have the power to succeed!