Would your resume pass the brand test? This is a question I ask my clients every time a resume review is on the agenda. Answering this question has a couple prerequisites – let’s discuss them.

You must know your ideal brand points. Choose 3-5 to highlight.

I use the term “ideal” loosely. These can’t be things that you “dream of being someday” – they have to be qualities that you currently possess or things that you are already passionate about. I say “ideal” because I’m sure you are lots of things, and some of them probably aren’t things you want on display to potential employers. Hey, we’re all a work-in-progress, right?

You must review your resume through the lens of your brand.

Let’s say one of your ideal brand points is “excellent communicator.” Is your resume well-written? Are there multiple bullets that demonstrate your ability to communicate well? Does your career summary highlight your accomplishments that relate to communication?

Remember, your resume is an extension of you and your brand – it shouldn’t just be a random assortment of job duties, skills and accomplishments. Your resume is meant to tell a story, with you as the author!

One way to give your resume a quick “brand test” is to have someone else review it and tell you the first 5 words that come to mind. Note: This is the only time I will condone having a friend/family member review your resume – simply because this part is subjective. If at least 2/5 words they choose line up with your brand, you’re likely in good shape.

So go ahead and give it a shot. If your resume doesn’t pass the brand test, take a close look at it and identify changes you can implement to improve the way you tell your story!