Whether you’re an entry-level or C-Suite professional, career goals are vital to your professional growth and development. While you should definitely have goals that are unique to you and what you’re looking to accomplish, every professional should incorporate the following goals into their plan each year.

Learn something new.

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Take a course. Read a book. Subscribe to a podcast or YouTube channel. Pursue a certification. The possibilities are endless! There are so many budget-friendly ways to learn new things these days so you really have no excuse. I have a co-worker who spent an entire weekend on YouTube learning how to use Microsoft Project and now she’s the resident “expert”. When our Senior Director has an issue with a project plan, guess who he checks with?

The point: Add to your skillset.

Meet someone new.

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Drake’s “no new friends” motto has no place in your professional life. Depending on which source you check, businesses report that anywhere from 70-85% of jobs are filled through referrals. You can’t be referred if people don’t know you #IJS. If you’re unsure where to start, joining a professional organization can give you access to people who share a common professional interest with you.

The point: Add to your network.

Do something new.

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Doing the same thing year-after-year is not only boring, but also played out! Take on a special project at work. Volunteer with a relevant organization. Find a hobby. There are so many new opportunities waiting for you and, with a little research, you can find something that truly propels your career advancement.

The point: Add to your experience.

And remember, there’s no better time to start than right now. Set aside some time this week to figure out what new thing you’ll learn, what new person you’ll connect with, and what new project you’ll take on!