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4 Lies You Need To Stop Telling Yourself

When it comes to moving forward in your career, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your current state to assess what your next step should be. Often professionals have a warped sense of reality that keeps them hostage in a career they despise. The truth is, if you

Would Your Resume Pass The Brand Test?

Would your resume pass the brand test? This is a question I ask my clients every time a resume review is on the agenda. Answering this question has a couple prerequisites – let’s discuss them. You must know your ideal brand points. Choose 3-5 to highlight. I use the term

The Importance of Boundaries In Your Career

WHAT ARE BOUNDARIES & WHY DO YOU NEED THEM? Boundaries are clear distinctions between what is acceptable and what isn’t in your place of work. You need them because if you don’t have them, you will be stressed. To prevent the unwelcome stress, we’re going to tell you how to

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Hi, I’m Candyss! Program Manager by day, Career Coach by night. I created The Professional Pivot to help take the uncertainty out of your next career change. Be sure to follow my Instagram below for additional updates!

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